About the Rebel House (First Official Vlog)

Our first official Vlog is live on Youtube. 

Yesterday I uploaded our first real vlog to the Rebel House’s channel on Youtube. It’s an introduction to the Spring Family. You’ll get to here my reasons for starting this channel and you’ll learn a little bit about me. You’ll meet Colin, Drake and Ariel the mouse.

This is my first blog post in relation to a video on youtube obviously so I’m not to sure if I’m supposed to transcribe the video here. Comment and let me know. I appreciate all your suggestions and advice.


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Halloween Musings

At the Children's Fall Festival in the pumpkin patch.

At the Children’s Fall Festival in the pumpkin patch.

Halloween Rocks!
To put it simple, we love Halloween. It’s our favorite holiday. We look forward to it all year long, especially now that we have Drake. He gives us an excuse to act like kids again. This year our little boy was dressed up as Heatwave from the Transformers Rescue Bots. He is obsessed with that show. So when we saw the costume on the Party City website, we just had to get it for him. The first time he tried it on we couldn’t get it off of him. He threw a fit. We had to bribe him with a bubble bath. He loved his costume.

We wanted to dress up this year too, but we’re just too poor right now. We really didn’t have the money to shell out on two adult costumes. Hell, we didn’t even have the money to buy materials to make costumes. But hopefully next year we can dress up because we have the best idea for a family theme. I’m not going to tell you though, because it’ll just ruin the surprise. So check back next year.

Children’s Fall Festival at the Queens County Farm
If you’ve read my about page, you know I’m from New York. As much as I want to move, I have to say New York goes big for Halloween. There’s tons to do all through October. This year we went to the Children’s fall festival at the Queens County Farm for the first time on October 27th. Despite a bad start and insane crowds, we had a pretty good time. There’s a lot to do from pumpkin picking to a haunted house to the corn maze and beyond. The downer is the admission covers pretty much nothing, you have to pay for each attraction. But the prices weren’t that bad. The crowds however were horrible. Thousands of people in a small area of the farm was just not my thing.

We started at the pumpkin patch which basically  a patch of dirt covered in hay and scattered pumpkins. Drake had a ball running around, rolling pumpkins and throwing rocks. He finally picked a little stemless pumpkin that was friggin’ five bucks. But he loved it so we got it for him. After that we went to the haunted house, which was supposed to be for all ages. This would be the part that was bad.  We went into the tiny house and Drake was fine. He was checking out the spiders and the bats. About halfway through we reached the people in costumes. This one clown got right in his face and made him cry. Now that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but as any parent knows, when the baby is upset you stay out of his face. This clown didn’t do that. He continued to get in Drake’s face and scaring him. I hate clowns as it is, so it took everything in me not to go Brooklyn on this guy. I told Colin and my mom that we had to get Drake out and this bastard clown started mocking me. All the other actors took off their masks or hid when they saw Drake crying. They didn’t want to scare him further which was sweet. It was just that one guy. It’s always that one guy who ruins it for everyone else, right? Anyway we took him to the petting zoo after that ordeal, which cheered him up right away. He loves animals. We were going to take him on a pony ride but he passed out in the long line so that pretty much ended our day at the farm. All in all, once Drake started having fun it made it all worth it. Hopefully next year will be better.

Halloween at the Museum of Natural History
Fast forward to October 31st, Halloween. Every year the Museum of Natural History puts on their own Halloween event. They have trick-or-treating in the different halls, arts & crafts, costume characters and a band. My uncle is a security guard there, so he’s able to get us tickets ever year. Unfortunately, it was cancelled last year due to Superstorm Sandy. So we were pretty excited to take Drake this year.  We met my mother, my sister Melissa and my niece Gabbie there. I have to say I was a bit disappointed this year, but not because the event was bad. It wasn’t. It just seemed more aimed at older children this year. There was mostly craft tables and only a few trick-or-treating tables. I couldn’t really find any costume characters either, except Olivia. Then again it was so crowded that we only managed to explore one floor of the museum before we left. Still Drake enjoyed getting candy and seeing all the other children dressed up as some of his favorite characters (i.e. spider man, optimus prime, thor, etc.).

Drake dressed up as Heatwave from Transformers: Rescue Bots

Drake dressed up as Heatwave from Transformers: Rescue Bots

Next Up, Trick-Or-Treating
After the museum we went trick-or-treating at one of the buildings owned by the company my dad works for. They host a trick-or-treating event every year in all there buildings, even my dad’s (he’s a super). It was cancelled last year though, because of Sandy. So this year was Drake’s first official year going trick-or-treating. Man, did he love it. He knocked on doors and would say either “trick or treat”, “Hi” or “Come ini”. I know, two year olds right? There was one apartment we went to had a little dog dressed up as a turtle. This was apparently far more exciting than the candy to Drake. By the end of the night Drake had two full bags of candy. Some of it was even Organic, much to my delight. At this point our feet were killing us, so we told my family (my dad and brother-in-law joined us at the end of the night), that we were to tired to go on and we met them at home. Yeah, we all live together. Can you say crowded?

So anywho, that was our Halloween fun in a nutshell. We used to do so much when I was a kid. We decorated and had parties and all that good stuff. No one seems to have the patience for it anymore. I can’t wait to have our own place so we can do so much more to celebrate our favorite holiday. I really want to get back to some of my family’s traditions and I definitely want to creat some new ones. So tell me, how was your Halloween? How do you celebrate? What are some of your traditions? Fee; free to comment.


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How Attachment Parenting Found Us

We didn’t choos Attachment Parenting; it chose us. Finding out I was pregnant was a shock, even though it was something I really wanted. I had all these ideas of what being a parent was going to be like and what kind of parent I was going to be. Most of my ideas were based on how I was brought up and my sister’s style of parenting. I didn’t do much research on parenting, though if you asked me about pregnancy I was like an encyclopedia (or at least I thought I was until I learned about GMOs, Natural Remedies, Traditional Nutrition, etc.).   I wish I’d known all that I know now, but I was yound and only knew what I’d witnessed and was told by my family.

Drake and IWhen Drake was born, I researched child development constantly, but much like my pregnancy research, it was all from mainstream outlets. I didn’t start looking at alternative sources until Drake was about eight months old, when he decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crib anymore. We begna co-sleeping, which no one I knew recommended. About a month into it, a friend and I got into an argument. She had a son a little younger than Drake and she strongly opposed co-sleeping. I felt as though she was judging or criticizing my parenting. At the time I didn’t know that mom competition was a common occurance for some strange reason. Angry at being judged, I began to research bed-sharing, just to prove that my decision was a smart and safe decision. I wanted to prove that I was a good mom. I know now, that I shouldn’t have played into the whole thing, but I don’t regret it because if this hadn’t occured I wouldn’t have learned about attachment parenting.

My co-sleeping research led me to several communities on facebook. I met other moms who shared my views on parenting. They pointed me to The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. It took me a while to purchase it. I continued researching online. Eventually I realized much of what my husband and I were doing fell under this style of parenting already. When Drake was around 13 months old, I finally bought the book. It  meducated me on things I had misconceptions about, like babywaering and it reaffirmed things I already believed in like peaceful and positive discipline, breastfeeding and of course co-sleeping.

We decided to fully commit to attachment parenting and ditch the traditional parenting styles of our family members and friends. Unfortunately it was a littl e too late for the babywearing aspect and breastfeeding was cut short at a monnth and a half because I thought my supply dried up Knowing what I know now, I’m not sure if that was the case or not.  I try to do the best I can now and plan to do better in the future.

This style works great for us. Drake is an independent, free spirited kid. He’s confident and smart. Sure he’s curious and mischevious, but he’s not as bad as other toddlers I’ve seen. He’s very polite and respectful. I’d like to think all of that has something to do with attachment parenting. They say we’re never the type of parents we imagine we’d be, but I think Colin and I are exactly the kind of parents we wanted to be.


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