Merry Christmas!

Drake on Christmas Morning.

Drake on Christmas Morning.

I know, I know… Christmas was technically last week. This post is late. I had every intention to slap this up here either on Christmas eve or on boxing day but that just didn’t pan out. So I’m doing this now.

Christmas Eve
Our Christmas eves aren’t usually eventful. Mot of the time it’s prep for Christmas day. This year was no exception. Colin and i woke up early baked Pumpkin Cheesecake and hung out with the kids.The kids were supposed to bake cookies for Santa with my sister but she ended up doing that on her own. They were playing all day and ended up passing out. Drake didn’t stay asleep as usual, so he had to hide in the room with me while Santa (aka Colin, my sister and her husband) set up all the toys in our living room. The end. That was our Christmas eve.

Christmas Day
Christmas day is when we celebrate. What an exhausting day. We woke up early, despite the fact that Drake went to bed at like 5:00AM. We had to enlist our niece Gabbie to help us wake Drake up. Then it was time to open presents. Our favorite part of the day. I love seeing the joy on the kids faces when they see eveything Santa left them and start unwrapping presents.

Santa brought Drake a wooden Chuggington train set, Cars, The Octonauts Octopod, and a few other things. We bought him some transformers toys and games. Basically Drake got lots of toys, a couple of movies and a few books. He had two overflowing stockings with candy and little toys and things. Even with all of that, wouldn’t you know it, Drake spent most of the time playing with his cousin’s kitchen play set.

Pretty much the whole morning was spent watching the kids play. After that we started setting up for dinner. We expected more guests than what actually came, which happens often. My mother and sister prepared a delicious mostly polish dinner of perogies, kielbasa, and so on. We also had ham and some salads. There was lots of treats like babka, cakes and cookies. And now we have plenty of leftovers. Well not now… after Christmas we did.

That’s about it. I’m making this a quick overview because I’m so late. I did manage to get a litt bit of footage on Christmas morning so I’ve made a little video for the channel. So be sure to check it out.

Mostly I’m writing this because I wanted to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Oh, and a happy New Year!

Thanks all, enjoy the rest of the holidays.


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For starters, my name is Skylar Spring. I am a 23 year old wife, mother and writer. I currently live in New York City with my husband, Colin Spring, my son Drake Spring and my family. An interesting fact about me: I am visually impaired. Yes, it's true, I am blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other. I love to write, bake, listen and play music, make videos, photography, spend time with my family and so much more. If there's anything further you wish to know about me, you can check out my profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Goodreads

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