Drake Is 2 Years Old!

Drake blowing out his Birthday candles.

Drake blowing out his Birthday candles.


Drake is 2 years old!!
On December 5, 3013, my little boy turned two years old. It’s hard to believe that two years has already passed since that cold, rainy day I brought him home from the hospital. I am so proud of everything he’s accomplished in the last two years. He’s an amazing little boy; smart, handsome and incredibly kind-hearted.  Colin and I are truly blessed to have him. He has given us hope for the future of this world.

I often hear first time parents say things like “after this I’m getting my tubes tied” or “I can’t handle being pregnant again”. Things along those lines. Whether they mean it or not is another story. Colin and I, however, feel completely the opposite. From the moment I got pregnant to now we’ve never once considered not having more children. If anything Drake has made us want more children a whole lot more. He is a great kid and he’ll be a great big brother.

So the Parties…
Yes, parties. Well, I wouldn’t call what we did on the day of his brithday a party. We had dinner as a family, with the rest of my family (even my aunt came from DE), and we had a small cake. The kids got to play all day and that was about it.

His actual birthday party was the Saturday after his birthday. We decided on a Spider man theme after about two months. We were going to go with a Rescue Bots theme (which is favorite TV show), but we would’ve had to get the decorations and favors online. We didn’t have enough time for that. This was all very last minute. So his favorite super hero seemed like the next best option. We didn’t have as big of a party as we did for his first birthday. This one was just in our house. We invited a few cousins and family friends. There was about six kids including Drake.  He had a lot of fun running around with them. He even learned how to sing the Happy Birthday song. He’s been singing it ever since (including right this moment). Now if only I could get him to say “Merry Christmas”.

Drake and his Cousin Gabbie, his best friend in the world

Drake and his Cousin Gabbie, his best friend in the world

Drake Update…
So at 2 Drake is really well developed. He’s brilliant, we think. Since he was born, he’s hit all his milestones early and he still continues to do so. He has been walking now since he was 11 months old and he’s recently started trying to frog hop. I’m assuming that’s the first step towards jumping. He’s been speaking in full sentences since about 20 months. He started with 2 or 3 words phrases at 18 months and now he’s got the gift of gab. He’s always talking. He sings too. He knows the lyrics to the songs from all his favorite shows and movies. He’s even learned the lyrics to a song that he likes from a band called Icon For Hire. He’s exhibiting early signs of musical ability. He’s been mimicking my melodies on the piano, sloppily, but noticeably. I think if his hands were bigger he’d be able to copy exactly what I do. What else… oh, he counts to 20 and he knows his ABC’s. He’s very polite; always saying please and thank you. His best friend is his cousin Gabbie. His favorite TV shows are Rescue Bots and Spider man. Drake’s favorite movies is Wreck it Ralph and Nightmare Before Christmas. He’s a eclectic with music like his mommy. And lastly, he’s picky, not because he doesn’t like the food we give him but because he just always wants to play. When i say he’s picky I mean he’s picky about where and when he eats.

So yeah, we are going to try again with potty training. We started when he was 18 months but he lost interest and we don’t do force. He’s still a co-sleeper and we’re in no rush. He’s taken an interest in his bed though, ever since we put Jake & the Neverland Pirate bedding on it. Like I always say, whenever he’s ready we’ll support his decisions. For now we are keeping his guardrail on our bed. We have so many plans for the spring. There are museums we want to take him to and parks, and zoos, etc. We treat everything as a learning experience  and it’s been working so far. He’s so curious and adventurous. We can’t wait for what the future holds.


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For starters, my name is Skylar Spring. I am a 23 year old wife, mother and writer. I currently live in New York City with my husband, Colin Spring, my son Drake Spring and my family. An interesting fact about me: I am visually impaired. Yes, it's true, I am blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other. I love to write, bake, listen and play music, make videos, photography, spend time with my family and so much more. If there's anything further you wish to know about me, you can check out my profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Goodreads

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